and his royal highness wasn’t exactly motivated to do work or study for day. as such, he did a bit of blog hopping via wordpress and blogspot. click, click, and click. finally, happen to come across a friend’s bloggie.

such a coincidence! maybe? maybe not? who knows? just ask the man up there. or rather, ask the tech world. coincidence. lol

her article has to do with a incident that happen recently, and in particular it has to do with being inexperience with life and people.


had once read some online email regarding business practices. here it is.

Management Lessons:

  1. …..
  2. Not everyone who gets you out of shit is your friend.
  3. …..

we can actually do a reverse inferring: –

“people who crash with you and offer to help, aren’t exactly nice people. they have their own agenda”


still, everyone only gain knowledge about the harsh real world by encountering the nonsense crap shit first.

“learn it the hard way,” they always say. at least, that’s why mother says (that’s her royal majesty to you commoners [lol], and mother to me)

no wonder she never tries to shelter me, but rather watch me head down the drain, bruising myself, bleeding all over. “fun,” she says, watching me learning the “hard way.”

at least, such education stay in the mind.

“no shelter for you,” mother says…

well, mother learnt it the hard way when she was under gran’s (that’s dowager to you commoners!!! [lol]) ruling.


as such, the instant i see the chap being nice and friendly. and being extremely helping in claiming damages. something was wrong.

since people who gave you shit, dun’t really try to help a lot unless its for a clause…

call it a suspicious nature…

still, the least his highness could do was just to listen and accompany for a while. not for long anyway…. =X

turned out that friendly ‘uncle’ was really a crapshit. period.


morale of the story:

1. we should ALWAYS doubt strangers.
2. “friendly uncles should rot in hell”

quote of the month:

naivete is a wonderful thing,
if you remain in the dark. – Kathy


suddenly the world seem to be scary and manipulative in nature…


hypo world!