tuesday’s boring. to be exact, the tuesdays that had been occurring since the start of the term has been downright boring. and it’s a capital ‘b’ for boring (do take note, his royal highness [that’s me] simply hate typing in caps) yes. b-o-r-i-n-g.

did we mentioned the fact that it was also pretty much NOT constructive? and this time around, it’s with capital ‘c’.

in addition, the letter ‘c’ also happens to stand for ‘cui‘. that actually means ‘cannot make it’ in singlish terms.


and let’s review what’s so crap with tuesday.

we have from:-

1000 – 1200 : effectively 30 minutes
a 5-min current events quiz for one of the writing modules. handing up and collecting back some of the writings we do for class. that will effectively take us to 30 minutes. after which, it’s just playing flash games and endless gossiping in lab.

1200 – 1400 : effectively 30 minutes
we wait for the lectures to start. it goes on for 30 minutes. nothing much that can be learn. rather, there’s a webcast that can be viewed at our own leisure. the lectures stuff just come from the notes we have. nothing special at all. boring. half the time, people are either surfing the web or simply sleeping.

and when it ends at 1230, most of us spend time talking from 1230 – 1300 hrs, and proceed to roll in some god-forsaken place in school.

1400 – 1600 : effectively SLEEPING time
it’s  just rotting. period

1600 – 1800 : effectively NOTHING
we listen to a lecture that will NOT be tested. yeah. well down.  hearing what is on the lectures slides with exact duplication aren’t exactly. especially when nothing is tested. what’s tested = translation skills, and not theories.

the world gossips, snores as the poor lecturer goes on ranting….


we have only the 5 minutes test that really requires our physical presence. rest of the day for tuesday, it’s  ZZZZZZ

just for lucks : an occasionally burst of luck, and we’ll bump into interesting people. that’s the only bonus.

tuesday really is blue