took part in the schools’ othello championships. was ranked 10th.

well, for starters, and with no training, it’s amazing that he’s not at the bottom of the ladder. as kathy would have said, nothing is worse then “垫底-ing.”


and we see ‘wedunno’ in the game. ‘wedunno’ actually a nickname antz got for a chap we didn’t know. ‘wedunno’ apparently was sec 3 when we first learn of him. for some reason or anther, ‘wedunno’ came barging into the sec 4 classes looking for challengers.

or rather, it’s challengers he could find for weiqi , aka the game called ‘go’.  brat, that’s wat we first thought.

then again, after all these years, he’s changed a lot. modest, i would say. a much better person in fact.


and he was tjc’s othello captain before he graduated. needless to say, his royal highness,  a greenhorn in othello got massacred in his first…

and in the championship… we have former nyjc othello captain (yr 2003 national champion, runner for previous yrs), tpjc othello caption (year 2003 runner, champion for previous years)….

greatness…. 3 captains…. 1 club president (he hosted the games), and another season player clinched the top 5 rankings…. =X


and when his highness took part, he thought it will be a slack game. and the captains

though, they’re fun n modest ppl =)

made a few new friends. =)