his royal highness is impressed with himself.

total chaos, and he has a poker face. he even grinned.



went to the top of rooftop and look down. everything seem pretty small from the top. it’s surprising how big we think we are. yet we’re really puny.

walked across the road when the traffic was red. and he walked really slowly, till he was in the middle of the road and paused. the cars moving towards him seem to get bigger over time. so does the bonks, dongs, sounds that gets louder. calmly, he walked across the road.

played with the samurai sword at home. it’s a min version as compared to the real thing. don’t ask why the sword made it through the customs at the airport. something so sharp and so small can actually dice up someone pretty badly. wonders how it would feel slicing though the body. he fingers around it, and place it back on the stand.