his royal highness was actually on the way home. as he walked pass the rows of people who were crowding at the bus interchange… he pondered.

if someone were to actually tell him this –> “can i help you?” “i can grant you one wish”. what would his answer be?

his highness dreamt about the many answers he could give. then again, the truth dawned on him.

what he really wanted couldn’t be given to him by anyone. by it almighty beings, or what so ever supreme powers. not even lucifer, satan could give him it.

and he despairs…


sometimes, he wonders. he doesn’t really want a palace, he doesn’t want to be a prince or what so ever.

he wants and and yields for what kids these days are engaging in

yes, he wants there.


everyone’s used to say to believe. to wait. something will be delivered by the man up there. but then again, he has to take care of so many others. he have to make sure the world stays balance the way it is. he has so many things to do. what makes you people think he’s free care about this royal pain in the arse?

in other words, god’s busy.


bought a shirt the day. it says, “god’s busy, can i help you?” on it, was the picture of lucifer, satan himself. the devil

a side note, why is satan or lucifer male? he could be female or a she?

a female lucifer would be good.


圣堂之门。。。 屁啦!