and so, he attempts to play some games. or, at least tries to find the motivation to play some games.

while earnestly staring at the msn screen. pondering, considering and fearing the options that aren’t really available.


in most essays, in particular general paper essay, there is always the need to consider the



culture, and perhaps the
political factors

in real life, the above mentioned factors applied in every single choice, every single option that we face.

and it pretty much stink!


if there weren’t that much of a difference in mentality, social economically, culture. there would be an easy conclusion. the option to take action.

sadly, the huge gap exists. and how big it is…


somethings, he hates that uncontrollable element that diminishes the paths he can chose. he hates the one, THAT particular one who made him lag way back. the one who made all the great disparity possible.


then again, wouldn’t it be nice to have a good someone to pour out to? but it’s not safe at all to do so. it’s too dangerous. look what happen when he chose to trust way back. the unworthy male bastards who betrays.

frankly speaking, the world’s a dark place. danger lurks. there is no trust. =X


nevertheless, he will treasure the times and brood hatred.