okay, first of all, an announcement to make:

aaron’s finally making good on his promise. he’s going to get married. read all about his holy crusade, mission to propose. okay, the word ‘finally’ seems to be a wrong choice of word. but since his highness thinks it makes the sentence neater, the word will stay, with a strikeout.


had the worse nightmare ever some time ago. and it involves real people. freaky. though for now, his royalness can’t seem to remember after a few days. just the fact that is was terrible?

ah… he remembers a bit. it seem to touch on a name, a face. the face was long forgotten. the name has somehow engraved itself in some corner of his heart.

it’s a sighting, a prompt from whatever, and whoever from hades or the land above. it says “forget forget, and move on in life.

his royal highness did. he has move on. already, her soft features have already faded to a point that it was barely just a shadow. still the name remains, lingering around.

at least, he has moved on just a bit. just a tiny weeny bit.

he has meet new people. thought the really interesting ones seem to linger on his favorite letter. small world? perhaps. perhaps it’s a gift? who knows?


life in the work office and interesting. good people they all are. meet up with really interesting people too from beyond the office. and those who knows what ‘interesting’ means… =) well… cheers.


time to move on =)

and oh, there nekos =) but it’s…

Hair of sunlight kissing gain
Eyes of deepest summer skies
Voice of haunting pipes and strings
_____! My heart sings and cries!

Slender as the youngling fawn
Gentle as the nestling dove
Hands like whitest, flying swans
_____! Oh, my secret love!

Face and form like breaking day
Spirit pure and bright and fine
Fate so cruel, my dreams to slay
_____… Who can never be mine!”



well, to ‘link’ up with the opening paragraph,

aaron’s proposed. and she says ‘YES!’
while his royal highness has many proposals to do… =X