hmmm…. 050607… the most non-constructive day ever. and the date even goes in sync.

stare at e notebook, and completed proposal for health promotion board.

staring at another notebook, pondering proposal for SDU…

clueless =(


finished watching 天机算, the hk drama. average, but i still like it.

had a dream.

it seems the worse has arrived.

and who e hell is ‘sonny’? bleachZ


trusty ipod dead. rip. exactly 2 yrs. =(


we wonder y hk drama been alway having this plot.

couple 1 ends up in misery.

couple 2 ends up in happiness.

the goodie 2 shoes live. the illtreated- turn righteous goes into a sorry end.


damm it…


just feel that cats are still e most trustworthy beings on e earth.

no reason.