okay. finally some time to breath.  the 1st singapore – china games business networking event held on june 20 is finally over. it’s OVER. and we are left with some minor stuff to wrap up. such as thankq stuffs and compliling reports.

wat we learn:

to smile even when we get tough demands.

to think ahead. to be aware of policital beyond the office. well, there actually politicials in the industry.

to keep cool though we are really stress

wat we did:

learning new stuff

prepare opening speeches =). they actually got READ out =) COOLNESS!!!

emceeing the event (chim sia…)

planning event.

coordinating events

meeting top dogs from sg n cn

getting stress

and thanks to the team who made it work despite all the problem tt came up last minute.

cheers to yiting, cindy, eileen, darren, chris, chris (boss), cindy soh, huiping!

mda, ie sg (horng yun, joc), gxa