from the story of adam and eve, came the tale of the forbidden fruit. for all it matters, for all who cares, we won’t be talking about the story about them. since, everyone know about how the forbidden fruit resulted in the war of the races.

from his highness point of view, it’s all adams fault.

now, there’s another story to add to adam’s story. the story why all adams are “hate-ta-able” .


ever since then when he decided NOT to trust his judgment, his judgment of humans have been deadly accurate. still, when he meet some, not matter how big his instincts go, he always decides to give them a chance.

a chance. no more.

they normally fail it. still, they get another chance. after all, perhaps its just biasness on his own account. until someone else verify, they’re not gulity.

and today, around evening. the truth was out.

1. his highness’ judgment was correct after all. mr. agbg was a piece of plastic.

2. his royal highness was still right in the end. nothing to cheer about. most people are just disappointing. most  adams ARE disappointing. that’s why, he prefer to mingle in the world of eves.

eves >> adams.