and since the trusty iPOD dead the other day (rather, it’s been 2 weeks plus), his royal highness has been hunting for another bargain price for iPOD.

and there’s 1. priced at SGD 377, theres a free RAZER phones and casing at iSHOP, cenileisure lvl 3. and what’s next?

“excuse, i’ll like to purchase the iPOD 30GB”, his highness goes asking.

“eh? what? that one since beginning of the month, no stock liao”, answers the salesman in a rude, bochap matter.

OH CRAP. they have no stock since the beginning of the month. and they have the cheek to hang their huge ad at cenileisure. if there’s no stock, how did they did the stock to SPONSOR 2 iPOD 30GB to my next event? crappy loh…

nevertheless sianz….

and his highness drag lola yiting and xiandi cindy over too?

wa LAO….