just 1 trip overseas. and he seem like a prick to us. annoying us when we gather a bit now and then. kt send a rsvp mail to us. sweet of him to do that.

and mr b sent a kind turn down reply. he said something that went. -only good drinks like juice and tea. i hope you will outgrow this DoTA thing. play something like scrabble-

what a major turnoff. mr b was never like this in the past. back in e good old days in sec sch. all of us love him around. wat exactly happen to mr b that changed him? was it his illness? was it something that happen overseas that warped his thinking? what happen? as his friends, we worried. yet till now, neither of us know what had happened to him. something MUST have happen to incur such a major change. still we accept him.

mr b probably had the highest eq amongst us. as a matter of fact, his mannerism was kindof a role model for us. yet this time round, after everytime round, he disappoints us. already from the last time, there already has been thoughts to boycott him

mr b even blocked all of us on msn. the rationale went like this: “we communicate to him in broken english. our language wasn’t beautiful. etc.etc.” the other time some of us heard it, some of our faces turned sour.


just what happen to mr b? will the distance between old buddies grow? sighs…

may the lord have mercy on him


whereas one’s going on weirder. another came back from overseas studies. we gathered. still, he still feel that something changed. 5cm probably increased to 10cm. nevertheless, we had fun ‘bullying’ the poor waiter boy and more time ‘enjoying’ the bad services.

nz seems sweet. liquors like water in sg. liqours’ cheaper. nz sounds like heaven. wine! wine! wine! just when will we have a nice chill session and get drunk? it will be really fun to actually see how we’ll believe when we get high from being drunk. will we stone like xiandi cindy, laugh like jj, weep like ?? or shake our head non-stop like lola yiting? haha!


spent the rest of the time on the train stoning. it feels good to chill once in a while with the worthy ones.


and for the month, we have 3 remarks that made it to the taboo list on his highness…

1. if you do this, you cannot ___ _ __________

2. if you only ____ _ _______, then __ ___ __ ____ ____

3. you can’t do this, cos you will never ___ _ _________

funny in a way. harmless in a way. still, it stung

well, the 3 remarks are common enough. perhaps its just a common nag from these ppl. at times, we heard it on the train, bus, all e time.

perhaps, his highness tense too much…


had a dream the other night of _____. it was a forest. someone was playing a flute. after playing, she weep. and a cat purred.

and his highness work up, when the alarm clock went.

sianz, why is there always someone crying in his dreams….

a sign? who knows