since the printer weighted a ton, we decided to take a cab.  there wasn’t any taxi stand available, so we proceed to some road side. a lady was already there.

a cab came. we decided to give it to her since she was there first.

“hmm, you waiting for a cab? you can have it first”

“oh, i’m not waiting for a cab”


but then cab’s happened to be changing shift … … … … ….

and the lady who happen to be still waiting there went,

 “hmm, people normal snatched for a cab right under our noses. no one offers to give it to us”



singaporeans are scary. it seems every single brat’s snatching cabs. if everyone else offers the cab to the one who needs it first. the world will be much better.

still, we’re glad that our offer to give the lady the cab first made her day. although she wasn’t waiting for a cab.



smiling when you do not meant it makes one TIRED.

was extremely sianz. and that’s for no particular reason. decided to make myself feel better on e way home.

donned a mask of smiles and joy on the rider home. and it made me damm tired…. =X


something really sweet happened sometime in the day. it made the day. and that part on smiling when one is really happy didn’t drain us. it make the day really well….~