experiences changes the way someone thinks or behave.

time and space do not affect the amount of experience gained by an individual. it could be something that one experience in a lifetime, or a second. someone who had experienced a second of something terrible could learn what another attempted to master in a lifetime.

new zealand bear good memories for a friend. new zealand is a place of despair for another. still, it what everyone experienced that matters.


we used to be naive, and possible idealist in and on the world. a pity. the world does not function at our whim. some one, or rather, some proverb goes like this:

“time does not matter, … … … … etc. etc.”

his highness beg to differ. ttime matters. though time, our perception changes. what we assume to have not changed, changes all the time. be it good or not, it changes.


nothing is forever. nothing lasts. everything materialistic or spiritual perish in the end. stills, humans continue to deluge themselves.

how pityful.


in the end, what’s left? nothing.

this is why, the route to _______ is L_____, very L_____.

this is why, in his dreams of a H____, there are no W______. and no C_____ at all. it’s just empty. how pitiful.