he woke up hearing things. to be really sure, he pinched his face.

OUCH!!! so, he was not dreaming.

he didn’t like what he was hearing as he lie on his bed.

not, it’s not eavesdropping. not when the telephone conversation exchange loud like music. still, he didn’t like what he heard. it was just more D-ing news.

and he went back to sleep.


he recalled someone asking him THE question of the year. rather, it’s probably deem THE question of ONE day. it went like this, “how come you’re watching so american teen many movies? especially those slip slack corning teen movies?”

he was watching “it’s a boy girl thing – 2006” starring Samaire Armstrong.

cos however lame the american teens movies are, they tell a story. something we can learn.


then, he was watching this other movie – fantastic 4 – rise of the silver surfer. the character johnny storm, aka the human torch make a remark, “what i mean is, it’s sure having _ _ _ _ _ _ _”

exactly the point what he is feeling at the moment…