the little boy inside refused to share. though he’s always saying, “it’s always to share good things”, there is always something that one prefers to keep dear to himself.

not everything can be shared with anyone or every one. some things are meant to be kept solely to oneself. at least that’s what he desires.

he refuses to share.

even a name, he refuses to share it with any1 else.

broken, the child continues to frown.


it’s technically something good. as the old man laugh out loud in joy. he feel something broke. unsure what it was, he continued to smile and laugh. but all he got were mixed feelings.

still, he continued to appear joyful. while he continues to break inside.


the child refuses to share something he deem personal and previous. he wants the complete … … of ……………

the old man, broken, continues to wonder what was broken and troubling him….


another man, one who is neither young nor old frowns.