we win some, we lose some.

can what we win be considered victorious? can we even afford to lose some? that is debateable.

the thing is:

– can we lose it when we have never really gain it?

– can we considered it a win when someone has already won it?

questionable indeed.


his highness have always assumed something major. then again. oh well…

some time ago, he would safely said:

1. “if there were an apple or a pear presented in front of a human. the human will chose an apple.”


“for now, the pear will come first for the human.”

still… oh well….

2. “if a starfruit and a pear were to presented in front of the same human, the pear will be picked.”

oh well…


then again, that’s life. starfruit, pear, apple, they are all just fruits in someway of another. fruits can be replaced.