when trouble seems to brew (or is in the process of brewing), it is always good to think with our heads and not our hearts.

at least, that’s what everyone says. perhaps, some sage has even spoke of it.

yet in reality, how many of us can actually do it.

NONE, i would say.

and when we think with our hearts, the most blizarre things happen. we do things that seem irational. we see things in a different light. every exterior factor seem to be a threat, no matter how innocent it is. or is it?



the FOOL (this is the latest nickname) isn’t exactly sure if he has done something good. on one hand, it brought good to a many. perhaps one too many. at its initital stage, it seem to be something really good. then again, the good seem to be something threathening.

another. when one think with NOT our heads, we tend to create some potential threats.

it is still good to think with our heads.



quite some time ago… (rather it was a many many years back), FOOL was anticipating something irrational. perhaps, he was planning something irrational. and he did something GOOD.

and look what being GOOD did.

GOOD brought some potential threats. and a particular threat actually managed to destroyed the fool. still, he is recuperating from the damage…

maybe he shouldn’t do good.


sneaky KTV’s pretty much fun. a great many voices from the ladies.



the FOOL reallys hates to watch MV clips that actually features hosipitals, death, and coupled with good joyous scenes. great songs, but painful memories.

then again, cos the FOOL remembers a little too much for his own good.

for, what a FOOL he is…