everyone has numerous sides within them. some of them will never be discover. some can be easily seen.

perhaps the FOOL has shown the fool side of himself. secretly, he ponders, will there be someone out there who will be able to see another of the fool?

maybe not.

if we were to view things in a different light, a single action could meant hell lot. perhaps another who has attained the ability to see in a different light, could understand just a bit.

hell, who would see the FOOL in a different light? someone human? or still as the fool? and we wonder. a lot….


the FOOL watching tv. and suddenly he wanted to be like 恐龙 in the 手足 show. to actually do some kicking and punching. hmmm…

keeps the body fit and the mind working.


now to chose a punching bag. or rather it’s the other way round…