and with the opening of THE DECK (aka the new arts canteen), the atmosphere seem different. at least, that’s what the FOOL thinks.

no longer are we ‘allowed’ to use the term ‘earth, heaven, hell’ to represent dining areas in the arts canteen. we can’t say, “eh, meet in hell” when we ring the girls and guys for lunch.

with the launch of Burger King (BK), it will probably be “meet you near the stairs at BK” or something alone the lines… life won’t be the same again…


smokers are perhaps the bane in FOOL’s life. just this morning, the FOOL was perfectly fine. and on came this nice gentleman, dressed in black long sleeve shirt, black pants, black socks and black shoes. strange, to see such a man on a bus.

and hell.. he stank of cigarettes… as in.. OOZING with stink. BE DAMMED. the next thing he knews, the FOOL was coughing and sneezing away. and he was ‘booned’ with flu. damm… now, another may say (rather, advisor would say…) change a seat. still, the bus was crammed to the brim. and the poor FOOL suffered a painful 20min ride…


o-week’s over. meet new friends. and a few of the new friends will stay in the FOOL’s memories. 1 of them came up with a telebubbies songs that works like a bane. sweet.

the other did a tamil and chinese version of it. and the 2 latter came up with 2 more songs for the FOOL. sweet? LOL…

other sweeter memories were collected in o-week with other fantastic people. sweet.

life will never be the same again.


someone really unkind once said, “她,一点也不美丽。很丑。” then again, that someone wasn’t really important.

still the fool says, “她是美丽的” 。



happen to ‘meetup’ with ‘plastic’ and ‘the dark sidekick’. corny event. ‘plastic’ continued being plastic, and the sidekick continued to reveal his emotions like a book.

then again, a piece of advice, sidekick won’t do v.well in the latter years unless sidekicks learn to master the art of ‘poker face’.

and hoho, chocholates and bickering rough queen have joined the party for anti plastics.

life will never be the same again…


another one someone told me something funny. then again, if it was true. how sweet it will be… then again, such things have always happen in tv-dramas.

sighs… then again, real life’s not a mirror of the tv dramas. some stuffs just do not happen.

well, life will never be the same again.