the other night, FOOL has this dream.

BAMBOO was asking this Question. “What do you think L is to you?”

that was a huge question. well, if others were to ask this question, the FOOL would have probably laugh it off. still, the FOOL didn’t like lying to BAMBOO.

and he pondered and pondered. does it mean giving it all? or just always there? sacrificing?

and he answered.

“it’s a blank-o in his life. it’s a bane to his sanity. he does not know L at all.” and he weeped.


in another dream, the FOOL was bickering with BAMBOO. nothing in particular, just the usual. PIZZA wondered why the FOOL and BAMBOO’s always bickering for no much reason.

truly, the FOOL wondered. afterall, CHOCOLATES once said “we never know what’s ones thinking”

and so, all FOOL did was just to laugh. BAMBOO, on the other hand, continued the mercy less onslaught.


and in another dream…