had a accident with a mobile thingy with 4 wheels. it rammed the FOOL hard.

and it left a cut 5 cm long. though he was bleeding… he feel no pain at all. none at all.

guess that’s what most people say. if there’s somewhere more OUCH… we tend to forget about other pain…



it happen in the mrt train. the FOOl was minding his own business, boarding the train to someplace. and on came a wheelchair.

mind you, it’s a motored one. with engine roaring on loud and louder.

the mrt door opened.

the FOOL enter. so did the wheelchair.. RAMMING. with the wheels on his slippers, the FOOL couldn’t move. still, the wheels turn, cutting him.

he bleed, but there was no pain. at least he felt none…

the chap in the wheelchair faked innocence and kbkb with a look of misery on his face. the onlookers push him away.. and helped the FOOL with his leg.

the FOOL mutter thanks and continued moving.. even when it was bleeding. he just didn’t feel the pain.

the rest of the world stared at the wheelchair chap. none reprimand him for attempting ‘murder’. afterall, they’re aren’t that heartless to give verbal abuse to a wheelbounded shrunken man.

besides, the FOOL just stared blankly at the wheelchair chap and just left.


 the FOOL continued his journey. it was an upsetting evening, considering his ‘accident’ aside. thoughts in chaos, he journeyed on.

the leg continued to bleed.. still he was’t feeling pain…