half the time, or rather, most of the them, we get what the real world is talking about.

hence, and rather, there is no need to drive the point deeper inside.

once, or rather, twice is enough. three times is the limit. though, these days, twice is often to get the nerves up and racking…

perhaps driving the point seem a innocent gesture. then again, it’s a bit disheartening to hear it over and over again by the same few.

slightly sore.

especially it’s one of the points that couldn’t be control at present time and space. and especially it’s one of the few sores spots that leaves the FOOL pondering on.

pondering on. nine times out of ten, it’s the fellows who goes ‘roam’ that has all the fun, the everything else, the interesting…

such is social life.

no grievances.. it’s just life.

c’est la vie

and yes, his royal highness, aka the jester, aka the fool is talking in codes again…

try deciphering.. (lol, chocolates)