the FOOL and cousin bibi was walking back to the carpark. and at the t-junction right infront of them, right beside the traffic control, right smack in front of them…

a motorbike almost crashed into a car. well… it’s almost…. close shave…

rather, the bike stop about 10 cm at the side of the car. perhaps it was close than 10 cm. but, which chap will actually go forward to measure the distance? besides, who will actually have a ruler for situations like this?

and so, everyone at the crossing was shocked. we hear mutters all around. then again, it the usually thoughtless comments… stuff like
1. f
2. shit.
3. tmd.
4. wtf
5. wa lao
6. crazy
7. motocyclists…!#$!%!

what stuck us was actually this… both bibi and I actually rose our arms to block the blood that was suppose to fly towards us.

since there’ wasn’t any crash. no blood.


yes, that’s 1 weird family we are. prob seen too much deaths and ppl dying around us to feel anything otherwise…

twisted we are.