listening to: Suara – [Yumeji] – 12 Kimi Ga Tame


quite some time ago, he was worried about danish bread. now he’s worried about garbage can. things will never go easy when one doesn’t think with his head. hmmm… and we wonder…


was listening to another song on the trusty iPOD on the rainy journey to school. two songs came into his mind. rather, two tracks happen to play… still, he could only remember lyrics from one song.


such is the cruelty of the social reality of life.


had the strangest notion today.

theres are always people around us that makes us feel comfortable. rather, its the presence of them that makes the surrounding safe, secure, and comfortable. and theres always people who are harmless to us, yet ‘inspires’ us to feel darn comfortable.

what happens when we’re no longer comfortable with those who inspire “comfortability”? considering human beings (yes, he used the term human beings… and not people…) who gives us the uncomfortable feeling, and who will probably never makes us feel safe…


fruit for thought, fruit for thought.

that’s why, cats are the best company. dogs, probably are close to that. @_x …