erm… i going legal…

Odex officially announced on September 3 that anyone who has stopped
downloading our licensed content as of Monday will not receive a
settlement notice.

Downloading copyrighted material without the owner’s permission is
against the law. Nothing in the PacNet decision has changed this legal
position. While we are continuing with our appeal of the PacNet case, we
are also looking at several options on how to protect copyrighted works
while still allowing individuals access to the latest anime titles.

When we complete this review, which should not take long, we will make a
public statement.

– from the folks @ odex

time to save money. time to buy original.

perhaps, he will do a paper on this topic for his school project.

odex rocks.

just maybe …


but SERIOUSLY, how many of you out there know about it…

was it in the papers? maybe it was.. cos he simply doesn’t read news papers…

if only odex does some AD CAMPAIGN to inform the world… or inform anime watch systems like or something else …