okay. this happens to be hottest and wildest topic on the net…

girlfriend or fling? part 1

girlfriend or fling? part 2 sneak peaks

girlfriend or fling? part 2

in layman terms, the blog owners of the posts of the above mentioned discusses about the potentials of each girl being a great girlfriend, or great something else…

does every man thinks the same? possibly true. since there has been studies on the male brain. we, males think of something that relates to sex for a great timespan of six seconds… then again, six seconds seem terrible long… or short… that depends on how one view stuffs in life.

still, he thinks it is pretty much unfair to give a face book judgment on how someone is from a photo posing. rather, we should really know the person. after all, its only fair.

then again, human live on stereotyping. in the sense of psychology and sociology, stereotypes makes life and understand of social life easier…

so, click on the links above and think for yourself. do you share the same views as the blog owners from the above three links? do you not?

my view? everyone grows up one day, and they will all make good girlfriends. then again, that’s the viewpoint from a supporter of ladies. =X