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it’s a wonder how good one can actually feel after they have let something go. both mentally and emotionally. he felt he could fly after he visited. one last and final time he did went. the flowers he offered seem to linger in the sweet air as he left. mourn over.

everything seems pretty positive. even dreadful chinese tutorial was delightful. the new tutorial mates are sweet and cool people. =) and yeah, more girls than guys as usual. for once, ONCE. for once, he was able to enjoy a decent conversation with female counterparts without going into a gloom mood on this special day, without thinking of …
sept 19, struck off his calendar. no more a day filled with self pity or self misery. wonderful. thought a part of him will remember. it’s time to move on.

oops. moved on. =)

and when a friend actually sang 童话 on the way back home in the train. he wasn’t bitter about the mtv. he felt peaceful and actually enjoy her singing. and even feel peaceful about the past memories.

so, it’s the beginning of a new book. not a new chapter, but the start of a new book. with the previous pages carefully cherished and not bitter at all.

and he screams, “I FEEL GOOOOODD”