realize that he hasn’t has a habit of blogging on that date. and so, he will continue his practice of only doing it before and after it.

not terribly excited about it coming along in a few hours. it’s just plain terror. then again, it will be just as wished. a cold one this time round.

then again, it should not be a family tradition practice in the yonder years ahead.

that’s a definite bad thing for a kid.


the date ‘it’… has gotten use to lock heads… no lock heads this year thought.

a pity. then again, we can have such good stuffs right? it’s a bad habit to yield a it. hmmm….

at least, the evening the night before ‘it’ seems decent


watched another episode of 公主小妹, courtesy of the world wide web. angela zhang shao han’s 造型 resembles someone he knows so much.

either, both are beautiful!

well, she’s so kawaii…

okay, the 造型 from 公主小妹 aren’t like this… but still…

it’s actually like this

kawaii hairstyle =)


anyway, back to topic…

the day after the date equates to 2 mid terms. clueless terms. doom.

courtesy gifts from nus. anus… =(

this is a bad start for old man hood.