his highness wondered. that was the precise reason why all most “adams” are dumbass. you bothered to offer a greeting, to chat a little with a lot “not-seen-him-around adam” and he tries to shun you a little now and then.


his royalness was eating some grapes under the grape tree with lady doe. perhaps that particular adam feeling miserable cos he didn’t get to know lady doe, or perhaps, he’s annoyed that he didn’t get any grapes.

perhaps that accounts for the NO Sense comments. then again, lady doe wasn’t impress with that ‘adam’. lol

and then, highness and lady doe went for class.

perhaps his highness was too sensitive.  then again, the comment that that adam made was obviously meant to sting. though his highness ignored it as adam being himself, he is still annoyed.

but, the point is, that’s one reason all most adams stink, and most all eves rock