for if he hates u. he remembers for life. vengeful? perhaps…

went for a ‘talk’ after school with lovely people. the talk was ended by adam khoo. he’s as charmastic as before, just 4 years ago. appearance-wise, still the same. meet him in 1 of the MLM talks. then again, one who is good, has the right to brag and be forceful. that’s the way of life. admire him

despite his inspiration talks. i dun like his coy the least bit. it has sometime to do with his team of speakers. you see, one of his speakers left a humanitarians bad impression on me. he’s a PIG HAND. i believe 咸猪手 is the correct chinese/mandarian expression for it.

that’s around eons ago. friend of mine took some course in adam’s coy. speaker 咸猪手 was the ‘teacher’ for my friend. 咸猪手 was extremely friendly to my friend. offering to drive her TO and FRO to the venue. offering to drive her to WORK. it freak her out. at the time, we were all young. prob around 16-18? and not too knowledgable in fending off 咸猪手 advances.

friend asked me to actually accompany her when 咸猪手 offered to drive her to her part time work. many a times, 咸猪手 tried to lay his fility hands on my friend’s thighs during the ride in the damm car.

now.. with such an impression…. and bad association, it’s not suprising i dun really like adam’s coy.

咸猪手 stinks.


but’s adam khoo’s talks kick ass. got for his talks. just pray u dun get speaker 咸猪手. anyway… 咸猪手’s a old man. with graying hair. beware


someone taught meto ride in 1st person lingua. it actually helps to calm my nerves down for a bit. seems to work. thought i hate using the word ‘i’ ‘i’ ‘i’ all the while. next post onwards… should he write in 1st or 3rd person?

you decide.