tutorial was kindof weird. we never actually answered any qs based on wat we learn. instead, the question was something that aids us in thinking of a future career that we want to do. what do we want in what we cannot see and hold.

thats the tutorial question for class. mdm chung was excited abt the topic. but no one was interested in the qs.

let’s face it. everyone comes for class for attendance and participation points. however, if the qs are vague and not concrete, only those who actually wanna to leech off participation points will ans. sure enough, we have some answers from the likes.

the rest of them, voiced their ans when appointed by mdm.

sure enough, since the team’s usually hell lot enthu abt class (we just sit right smack in front), mdm chung was a bit surprised that we were dirt quiet in class and actually sat at the back of the class.

we bump into her after class and student and lecturer just talk. the usual chit chat on stuff. she ask why we’re silent in the class. (u see, the people at the back around me were like… “bo liao tutorial today”) and i blandly said the question was stupid when she asked. the rest of the gals were sweeter, they ans in a nice way. but hey… asking our career options in a tutorial qs is silly… (i’m academic whore)

i think i hurt her feelings… and she actually changed tutorial qs tonight though an email. i think she is a sweet passionate lecturer. however, i’ve still hurt her feelings.

maybe i’ll talk more in class thereafter. with some content, not just to leech participation pts.