the advisor asked his royal highness a question. if he were to chose from a pool of letters. what would the letter be?

the condition, regardless of the situation, period or time frame. regardless of the state of mind. regardless of the mood and temper he is in.

and he froze.

and he gave a lame answer.

simply because there are too many factors to consider. he knew none of letters decently well enough. he eyes after some letters for some time. some letters are fun, some letters are joy. some letters are goddess. some letters are so honest (that’s a really good trend, or a horribly bad one)

then again, we must really consider the stability of the letters. mind you, letters could in all forms. for example “A” would seem to poke out more than the rest. ‘O’ would probably speak in round terms. hmm.. you get the point.

in addition, letters do have a brain of their own.

considerate such factors, and you know why his royal highness is having a royal pain answering that question.


for the sake of all lives. his royalness ponders in silence…

now, if only it’s like MCQs when the answers don’t think =X

[edit] – blah honest letters rock. and his highness choses the honest letter