and so, he login to livejournal to discover he has ONE friend. period.

guess one is fine. lifejournal’s something complex to use. if only all good blog entries are like blogger, or wordpress. then again, he will prob spend some time to actually do a livejournal entry that actually redirects traffic to this wordpress spot!

all hail mighty wordpress.


and it’s another bo liao day in sch. nothing worth mentioning except for the freezing cold in the new project meeting spot. on one side, we have the cool team.. keeping chill.. and we have team fire.. blazing hot…

team blazing hot construction workers finally gave up and team chill got back the new project meeting spot.


and it’s the usually boring tutorial at 5, where we don’t learn anything decent. other than stuff we already know since from god knows when. still, there were some excited few (they actually refers to the tutors and lecturers…). and of course, 1 of the 2 presentation was actually interesting.

interesting in what sense? =D…. the usual =)


strangely, his visions are getting eerie. and this time, it involved chocolates, bamboo, and some strange girl with really big almond eyes. chocolates asked his highness a question that was directly related to him, and probably indirectly related to bamboo goddess.

his highness answered with great grieve and depression.

and chocolates, also know as the royal protector said. it might very well be not what his highness thinks… and she went on to say bamboo thinks differently… etc etc…

and then, the DAMM hp rang. SMS from the royal advisor.



speaking about dreamins, or rather visions. one of them ran particularly true after it took place like 10-15 odd years ago?

he has finally meet up with the 2 that he had dreamt of 10-15 years back. funny. weird thing was.. at the time, his highness was still a kid. and he dream of the 2 who were FULL growth. and the next thing he knews, he meet them BOTH in this coming semester. now, how strange can it be.

so, will the dream that he dreamt of involving mysterious chocolates, bamboos stay true? or will it come true?

or will the alternative vision of the honest n kind A fulfill?

visions.. they stink

and timing is no longer on his side. already, he’s starting to crumble…