just the other day, the tabloid newspaper showed a disturbing report. the sick pervert cat killer’s back loose on the streets of singapore. and not long after he was out from the changi chalet, he did another cat hunt. stupid moron, all cats killers should just get hang. curse them all.

and that following night, mr car (she’s a lady… lol) forwarded a email. it was more disgusting content. there’s actually someone who snapped pictures of a step-by-step process of someone stomping heels onto the body of a fragile cat. and of course, there’s the heeling into the eyes of the poor cat.

wtf is wrong with this world. we have scumbags partoling our streets and the police catches them. and we have !@#$%^&*() cats killers on the prowl, and all they get is a lousy sentence or fine. screw them all.

ain’t the life of a cat as precious? be damm… if only there’s cat patrol, or the neighborhood cats patrol.