Gary, our former host of the Cats Forum, was wondering about the same conundrum. Why do some people dislike cats, and is it entirely gender-related, or could it be how you were raised?

    So why do people dislike cats? I think it has something to do with ignorance. With guys especially, I think it has something to do with the fact that a cat is perceived to be more like a Cabriolet, not an Expedition, In other words, a girls’ pet, not a guy’s pet. I also think that in some cases of abuse, the guy abuses the cat as an extension of abusing the spouse. Fortunately, as you all have pointed out many times, there are also a lot of guys who like cats openly or secretly (why would liking cats have to be a secret – what does that tell us), and who become converts once they live with cats for a while.

because REAL man love cats =). okay… dogs are okay too @_x