and he swear someone is simply out there on a rampage to rob his memories. each mechanical pencil represented a part of his life, his memories that surrounded it.

he remembered having a simple pink mechanical pencil. yes, it’s PINK in color. for some reason, it was a gift from someone who no longer breaths. she used it, and for some reason, it next came into his royal highness possessions. was it a gift? he could not longer remember.

all he could remember was the really pinky way that she pronounced his highness’s given name. and her cool cold features. the rest of the memories were already vague and gone. with the destruction of the pencil, more of the memories perished. still, a little remained. and in his royalness’s vault, it remained in pieces in a precious box. the memories forever locked in place. and the box remained seal till now.

till now. openin the box. the pencil remained broken. why was the box unsealed?  because, another pink pencil, one that was exactly the same in model, color, wore out condition was seen in someone else hands. someone whom his royalness just knew as a friend. rather, the pencil was what prompt his highness to friendship.

funny, a pencil that contained sealed memories, memories to be forgetten (probabaly) was what lead to a new friendship. an irony indeed. indeed, it is.

for starters, he thought the pencil revived itself. just what happens in fairy tales. that the rationale for unsealin the box for a confirmation check. and so it seems, another pencil has been appear.


why a pencil entry? just why? because his royal highness has lost a pencil. a pencil that probably didn’t have as much precious memories as the pink one. still, memories are memories. and the mechanical pencil he lost held fond memories as well. fond memories with her thinlyness the goddess.

and so as the tale goes, his highness pass his pencil in one of those crappy tutorials in the school. the pencil never came back. wtf.


be damm. and so, he sealed the box in its vault and proceeds to slumber