most of them say it can’t be done. it’s even in the articles, in established magazines, and readings. it just can’t be done. nothin is that innocent in nature. as least, in that matter.

still, he thought he could actually be the better or it. at least, there had been some examples from real life that did work out.

how naive.

already, he is losing his fight to hold still. stuffs that are innocent in nature do not happen in real life. pretty much, sooner or later, we will succumb to the devil’s callin. hang on, ain’t the devil’s his friend? perhaps…

then again, he wonders how much longer could he hold it inside, aside from his frontals of masking it. hmmm… if, if the cat is out of the bag… how disastrous would it be? hell is threatening to break loose.

so, what next. what next is there for this tormented soul?

“the light at the end of the tunnel, is really a train coming towards you.” in the end, this philosophy stands.