and these days, everyone’s giving away FREE full version LICENCED softwares on a time attack basis. just the other day, zonealarm was giving away free full version anti-spyware in conjuction with patch tuesday (it’s microsoft patch tuesday). the original software which cost around 20 bucks was free for one day.

now, evernote’s doing the same time. it’s probably the best note taking software (microsoft onenote, post it stickies comes a second and third) just get it FREE here… just 6 more hours to get it. it’s darn good. but it cose 30mb ram… it’s worth the ram killing if you have a top notch pc.

if you are an average non-geeky user, simply use stickies 6.0c. it’s like the next best after evernote. imho, it’s better than microsoft onenote, and as good as postit (which COSTS money). so, freebies ware to go.