and the day began with lots of charming ladies. the first. doe called in the middle of the night worried about the usual stuff on exams… lol… yes, days on the isle of the winds begins at the strike of midnight.

the second. twin goddess (twin goddess and goddess are two completely differently people)sent sweet sms-es (and probabaly to every single soul) for best wishes to exams =). his royal highness replied in the morning.

bump in old buddy xinyi at the exams halls. we do go back way into the days from good old  days at chung cheng high. she’s such a nice person, though i don’t understand why back in the days, none of us really associate with her. she’s a good person and girl. probably very chinese in nature. but hey, she’s chinese =)

and very excitedly (is there even such a word?) ran into miss farming =). his highness never falls to smile up really wide when he sees her. weird, but that lady just brightens up his day and makes studying chinese in lecture and tutorials really welcoming.  and we wonder… =)

and for no reason, his royalness dialed and rang up twin goddess without noticing. probably he got really excited about the exams has ended and was chatting with miss farmer on certain stuffs. well, since twin goddess replied, he might “harrness” her in her deity realm for a movie watching.. =) sighs… to learnt that she still has to study….. -__________-… @_x…

and miss farming has to mug for her math exams on tues. gosh…

and so, his highness went home, a little dejected, but still v. excited that one exam (okay, it’s probably flunk) has ended.

at least, its a day with  four ladies. hmmm… the exam question had something about china’s top four classic novels…. fours ladies… four novels… hmmm..

let’s farm =)