day 2, nov 26: nm3210

and it was pouring like cats and dogs. and his royal highness nearly die that day. physically. the minute hand on the watch was rapidly approaching the twelve th hand. raining.

without a umbrella in hand, there was really no choice but to do some dashing. and sneakers shoes aren’t exactly the type who can actually grip well on grass. and so when cab came, his highness tried braking on the grass.

and the cab stop right next to his highness, with his hand on the front of the cab. the cab honked. but his royal highness continued to run to the examination halls. and the rain continued.

and they say when death comes visiting, all your memories will come flooding in. or images of those whom you care will come haunting in.

none came in. no goddess no demonic vision. it was a blank.

exams was nevertheless boring. to the front, there was this huge mirror covered in wrappings, to the left was NOTHING. no one was sitting beside. boring. to the right, it was a horrible sight. with a lady scribbling furiously on the answer script. to the back was … (well… we don’t have eyes on the back)

at least his highness made a new friend.


day 3, nov 28: nm3224

and an open book exam was useless. open book exams are alway useless, considerin one hardly touches it in the exams. and when everyone left the exams halls, it was rainin again.

lesson of the day: the jacket is actually an excellent shield from the rain. used it to shelter R chong. it was pretty fun. much more fun than sharing an umbrella with another in the rain. lol


day 4, dec 1: nm3215

ZzzzZzzzZ. given exam duration – 2 hrs. in reality, 30 mins for exams, 30 mins for checking and ZzzzZ. left the exam halls in 1 hr. and everyone for the module started leavin the hall. dots dots dots….

considerin. slackest exam ever.  stroll into the exams halls when everyone was seated. realize that he has forgotten about his stationaries. stroll back to the bag holding area. took the bag, and stroll back to exams when the exams started.  dots… dots…


and exams are finally over. slackest exam period ever. didn’t mug like hell. played facebook. watched movies, watched animes. slept and slept and dreamt and dreamt and slack and slack.

and how far will the CAP drop or rise? hmmm…