considering the amount of inactivity, and the question that xl popped, his royal highness has decided to give this blog some more life (words) for the ‘bo liaos’ who read them. he said, “how many blogs do you have?”

1 x blogspot – invited by angel – currently not really in use, thought it’s still a valid account to post blogspot comments

1 x diaryland – inspired by chek -not in used for eons. created to curse and swear on the unjust life. a anger blog.

1 x lifejournal – inspired by “chiong” – not in use. still a valid account to post lifejournal comments and to access private friends only post by “chiong”. chiong to her blog NOW. =) and thanks for her invitation to her service the other day. you look gogerous! and i’m drooling still. your hair rock =) mine’s shorter anyway =)

1 x wordpress – currently in used. with all the blogspot history imported in. inspired by noone but wordpress, cos it’s the cleanest blog agent and the one which has the most sleek and pro-clean no messy + tag look.

a total of 4 blogs. there’s prob one or two still out there that were forgotten… and 1 or 2 jointed authorship blog. 1 with redah, 1 with piggy (who killed her blog… -____-)