one of the reservist chaps said (he’s a teacher), its through weariness, when everyone’s tired and shag.. that we can tell one’s true character.

his royal highness added the point of those gamble. the teacher agreed.

its from these 2 times (there might possible be other, but these 2 are the most common indicators) , when we know if someone is really crap or good.

everyone has a element of shitness and everyone tries to conceal it. no matter how much they excel in such aspect, (a) weariness (b) gambling will show it or. for (b) gambling, both winning and losing shows the true colors of everyone. hmm… even playing too~

but, that not the point for this post.


in his royal opinion, addition to the 2 aspects, it’s the ability to keep their mouth shut that quality for goodness. in the mid of dec reservist, something dreadful happen.

of course, excluding those who were directly involved and those personnels who needs to be notify, his highness only told 2 others. not to warranty pity, but to give a perfectly rationale to absent himself from 1 X celebration, and to weep out verbally to his friend.

for 1 X celebration, he is extremely pleased that only the host knew. and it seems, she has kept her mouth shut. and was totally into the role. at least, even if the others knews, they did say a thing. which was good. and life went on as usual. for that gesture. thanks ms. car.

for verbal weeping, who was concerned of the army life, and whom msged to express concern on more army life. his highness told her the truth. and he is expressly pleased that she has kept mum too. *hugs*

to the both of them. kudos. the words  “don’t tell anyone else” were verdicts to them. as such, thanks again. you are the truly treasured.


then again, why was necessary to keep mum. cos, it’s the male ego thing at work.

firstly, none of them could often any concrete help. words mean nothing when somethings really happens. actions counts the most.

secondly, it’s really no one else business. just leave me be, and we will all be fine. life goes on. if the closest can do it, everyelse can do it.

in the end, none of us break in tears. none of us weep. for the rest, they held in at the last moment. for myself, he could no longer weep.