and so, on the walk back the cookhouse (it’s actually a place when meals are consumed) to the HQ building, his highness tilted his head up to discovered curtains hanging at the windows on the bunks ahead.

and boy, was he astonished. this camp seem pretty neat, considering its all new and all that. “not too bad, curtains”. and he walked closer. he tilted his head again, so see that the curtains were all green in color.

alas… the “curtains” were actually smelly green uniforms that were hanging on the hangers outside the windows. damm… army camps are army camps… they use uniforms as curtains…


the new batches of fieldpacks are outrageously huge. the one issued to us in the 2002 days were the normal huge bag side. and mind you, the same model has been used since eons ago, back when our fathers used it, thought it was dust green back in the old days. in my days, it’s green. model wise, its the same.

perhaps it was after some complaints that they revised it. and out came fieldcamp 1.1 (if we considered the first one a version 1.0) needless to say, a o.1 addon didn’t really make a difference… the side pockets for 1.1 got longer, and so, the ‘newer’ recruits can hold on more stuff. now, why was it revise? rumor said somone complained. someone with a lot of standing in singapore. we all know in that in the year 2005 and onwards, many offsprings from established indivduals got roped into ns.. and so … well…

still, the 1.1 bag’s still small. considering it’s hard to stuff in all the stuffs… well. it CAN be done. then again, most marias can’t do tt. and so, fieldpack had a change. it got revamped to version 2.0. it’s like a total haversack. with outings from the top and the front. cool. now nobody has to pour out everything just to retrieve a brush at the btm of the pack…

it’s so huge that we can stuff the royal family in. pack out the royal protector and stuff her in. take her out, and stuff in the royal advisor. take her out and stuff in bamboo goddess. and there’s really a lot of room more to spare =) well… his highness really wan to pack up bamboos =)


and well. this is a draft saved by accident by wordpress (bless you. wordpress). the complete long one got EATEN up when the computer networks in reservist camp DIED. yup, this post was drafted in camp when things were toned down… so lets’ forget all the crap unhappiness that happen, the screws up that happen. cos, if it aren’t screwed up and messed up, it’s NOT the army =)

that’s why WE (everyone who’s in the army…) called it the f***ing army =)