and so, the new semester begun on a cheerful note on (is it ‘on’ or ‘in’? who cares… goddess’s not around to mark his highness down on that =D) the first week, which sadly ended on a sad note. well.. for what reason? his highness couldn’t remember a lot on the sad notes… whereas, the cheerful notes were delightful to a great extend.

on a open note, izzit just him or just everyone has cheesy openings. back when people date, they go…

1. have i seen you before?
2. do i know you from somewhere?

now, in school, when they meet someone whom they were on not-too-familiar terms, they go

“so what modules are you doing?”

seriously speaking… do whatever modules we take matter to the general people? considering everyone’s doing different majors in school. erm… that’s probably the most common opening line… and most boring of them all. still… it’s a kind opening gesture.

well… unless we are all in the same major.. its a totally different thing altogether. =D

still, everyone lacks in this field of creativity and does the same. hell.. even his highness does that too… haha…  no complaints…  at least now that schools has progress, or will be progressing into week two, it’s way better.


so, for those who really wants to know what the hell his highness is taking this sem. it’s 3 nm modules and 3 chinese modules. there you go. say YUCK to chinese… CRAZY… CHEENA BIANG…. MAD…. EEEKY…. SIAO…

that’s what everyone gives when they get a direct answer to their question. Really.. what do you all want? *faints*

CH1101E: the lecturer’s cute =) v v cute. and miss long needle fly me aeroplanc by not taking…

CL2101: stepping into a class full of foriegn students.. malays students… tamil students… and one chinese old man lecturer was a terror…. and the chinese old man spoke in english… OMG… erm.. its a wrong class his highness went by mistake… hohoho

CL2281: translation modules are always fun even when it’s at 8 in the mornings. at least, there company with liting… no complaints.  BUT.. the lecturer seems to be a pushover. sianz… aside from the fact he dress like a rundown man in old fade pants… overly stretched or washed polo Ts… just like the hand-me-downs wears…. However, he’s a really nice and funny man.. phew…. LOOS can be deceiving…

NM3880A: copyright module. learn all about it and find the loopholes in law =)

Nm4880A: it’s lessons back to dr chung. motherly and nice. u either hate her or love her =) his highness likes her classes.


and when school starts…. theres absolutely one phenomenon that everyone does. NoooOo.. it’s not the crappy “so, what modules are you doing” notice his highness hardly bothers to ask that? if he does, he will do a nice follow up on it. and not just say YUCK SIAO and let it just drop.

simply said.. the whole schools gathers at the photocopying machines in the central library for all it matter for some MASSIVE photocopying of books.. RBR book.. lib books.. textbooks…

varsity students are not known to be student pirates for no reason… we the tertiary level students in varsities master one art. THE ART OF PHOTOCOPYING xeroxing, zapping for all it matter.

even if we were to flunk school. we master that one trade to its fullest. hell yeah… we can simply quit stardeeing and do photocopying as a living.

and so, everyone gathers to do some photocopying… and exchange the greetings inside, while at the same time doing massive zapping, looking around… it’s strange how well we can all multi-task.

of course, let’s not forget the “so, what modules are you doing” opening line… we know you meant well… but.. how’s “how have you been?” seems totally better…