and so, his royal highness decided to take a break from being his royal highness. poof! and he’s now playing the role of one who works in the service industry. right behind the table tag that screams SERVICE COUNTER.

why so? because he’s being doing a lot of services at his table.


the normal chap or lady sitting at the table gets paid to perform services to the general public. as such, they dedicate much of their time and energy to servicing others. well, they get paid after all. it is part of their employment scope.

even if the other chaps asking them has zero courtesy protocols, the service personnel does it without a flinch on his or her face. after all, they are paid. endure it, they must or have to do.

drop the Ps and Qs, and they still do it willingly.


then again, when his highness dons his legendary role and role plays, he doesn’t get paid. it’s a zero sum.

still, the crappy load of people (let’s be civilized here) expects the same. they continue demand, request, ask this ask that, all at the same time expecting excellent services.

hello, he’s NOT paid here. he performs a service. SO, entertain him and be nice. give your proper accords and respect. give your appreciation. it doesn’t have to be the traditional Ps and Qs. simply do not freaking disappear without a word when it’s done.

if customers insist on doing that. they should PAY.


of course, this post is not directed at the one who asked about photoshop the previous night. photoshop chap’s a dear friend.

this post is directed at the non-so dear people (really, the term human is simply good a word for them…).


so… PAY up. unless i’m sweet on you.

i bite a LOT.

i remember.