considerin there is really not much zeal in celebratin chinese new year this year round due to certain issues. the royal family didn’t really did much.

and the royal assembly gathered at the usual grounds for… well… a gatherin. minus the routine greetings, exchange of fruits and packets.

minus the usual questions that go… “so, are you gettin a gf?”, “any special friend?” etc etc.

minus the one whom we will all miss dearly this year.

at least, the royal family struggled on. not dicussin what we all missed dearly and has lost.

focusing our attentions instead on the dearest royal nieces, and the new job that mumu clinched. and protecting bibi’s disc from the royal nieces. of course, his royal highness shared his contraband collections, which champion (mumu’s husband), mumu, and bibi eagerly sought.

and bibi contributed a cool game box set. presenting… HOUSEHOLD size, GAMBLING DEN…

gambling den

with its own set of rules, board and chips, that mimic and is probably an exact replica of the gambling dens one would find in hong kong’s illegal gambling dens. at least, thats what is known from the hong kong school movies =)

oh well…

then again… NO one played. =(

NO one played the mini majhong tiles that the mother empress bought =(

still, it was for the best