and so it’s here.

just for laughs…

Roses are red
Bluebirds are blue
If you don’t pak tor with me
I will hoot you

If you need a friend
I’ll be damn staunch
So come with me lah
To the KTV launge

The day we met, at Tekka market
I knew with just one look,
You’d gimme a son, but now that’s done
Just shaddup and stay home and cook!

You are damn jude
You are tok kong
You be my steady
I no need Patpong

I tattooed your name
Across my knee
But I fail prembry eight
So I spell wrongly

I damn steam you
But I boh pian
Because you’re my
Tua Tao’s gur’fren

If you dun lurve me
I will be damn bang
So lurve me lah!
Or I call all my gang

Oi, why you sit there
And look so sian?
Why not come here
And be my Ah Lian?

– from the good folks aka Edwin Dumboo @


happy saints valentine day to all and happy friendship day to all!