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so cute!!!


Gary, our former host of the Cats Forum, was wondering about the same conundrum. Why do some people dislike cats, and is it entirely gender-related, or could it be how you were raised?

    So why do people dislike cats? I think it has something to do with ignorance. With guys especially, I think it has something to do with the fact that a cat is perceived to be more like a Cabriolet, not an Expedition, In other words, a girls’ pet, not a guy’s pet. I also think that in some cases of abuse, the guy abuses the cat as an extension of abusing the spouse. Fortunately, as you all have pointed out many times, there are also a lot of guys who like cats openly or secretly (why would liking cats have to be a secret – what does that tell us), and who become converts once they live with cats for a while.

because REAL man love cats =). okay… dogs are okay too @_x

      just the other day, the tabloid newspaper showed a disturbing report. the sick pervert cat killer’s back loose on the streets of singapore. and not long after he was out from the changi chalet, he did another cat hunt. stupid moron, all cats killers should just get hang. curse them all.

      and that following night, mr car (she’s a lady… lol) forwarded a email. it was more disgusting content. there’s actually someone who snapped pictures of a step-by-step process of someone stomping heels onto the body of a fragile cat. and of course, there’s the heeling into the eyes of the poor cat.

      wtf is wrong with this world. we have scumbags partoling our streets and the police catches them. and we have !@#$%^&*() cats killers on the prowl, and all they get is a lousy sentence or fine. screw them all.

      ain’t the life of a cat as precious? be damm… if only there’s cat patrol, or the neighborhood cats patrol.

      Your Ideal Pet is a Cat

      You’re both aloof, introverted, and moody.

      And your friends secretly wish that you were declawed!

      What’s Your Ideal Pet?

      You can keep a dog; but it is the cat who keeps people, because cats find humans useful domestic animals. ~George Mikes

      People who love cats have some of the biggest hearts around. ~Susan Easterly

      I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It’s not. Mine had me trained in two days. ~Bill Dana

      As every cat owner knows, nobody owns a cat. ~Ellen Perry Berkeley

      The cat seldom interferes with other people’s rights. His intelligence keeps him from doing many of the fool things that complicate life. ~Carl Van Vechten

      The reason cats climb is so that they can look down on almost every other animal – it’s also the reason they hate birds. ~K.C. Buffington

      Cats do care. For example they know instinctively what time we have to be at work in the morning and they wake us up twenty minutes before the alarm goes off. ~Michael Nelson

      In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this. ~Terry Pratchett

      More @ Cat Quotes


      simply a cat day spend slacking, lazing around at home.


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      When a cat feels threatened, she gets away from the danger as quickly as she can. She doesn’t care what damage she inflicts on her way to safety, but she’s not interested in fighting for fighting’s sake. She does only as much as she needs to do in order to escape. She doesn’t deal in revenge. If she feels threatened, she simply leaves. Efficiently.

      Until she needs to use them, her claws stay sheathed. She doesn’t go around threatening to maul people. She’s cuddly, she’s cozy, she likes to curl up next to a crackling fire on a cold winter’s day. She’s great company.

      But don’t try to trap her in a bad situation.

      – from the folks @ Cornered Cat

      now, thats what cats are. we roam freely and we are the best.

      that why he loves cats. no nonsense, simply efficient. no ethics nothing, just pure power.



      long before your time, in the southern province of china… (sounds familiar? it’s a lame starting line from a comedy sitcom starring moses lim…) a blog was created. rather, angel encouraged devil to create a blog, as a place to store the good happy memories of their lives in the world (now, of course to begin with, angel and devil lead different lives)

      and so, for a period of time, the blog registered good memories. with joy and fun as a complete package.

      gradually over time, for unknowns reason, the blog became a source when all the negative thoughts gathered. at least, tt’s why snow and ocean “encouraged”. from then on, all the blogs chronicles are negative…

      and with news from today… this blog has another =( entry.


      a friend’s dad just pass away. =(


      advisor mentioned again that the FOOL’s blog seem impossible to understand. well… that’s the whole point. if everyone knows who everyone that is recorded in this blog. all hell will break loose (just kidding…)

      imagine if the identity if AGBG gets out of the bag. life will be difficult for everyone.

      now, no worries. at least, the FOOL remembers all of the nicknames.. no matter how lame, or how different or how deviant the nicknames seem to be…



      and so now, the FOOL will continue to think with his head, and not his heart.


      oh, back to the point. why is it worthwhile to pen down all the negative and the outrage? cos, they should all be remembered. as a lesson learned in life. to steel one up.

      for happy events… hmmm…. the FOOL so selfish that he refuses to share!!! lol… kidding….

      rather, they are too many goods happenings arounds. if everything gets pens down… well… there won’t be time for dreamings… ponderings…. and sleeping….



      exactly 28 more days to a day in sept. will he survive that date with joy and truly let go?



      and here’s a reward for cats lovers!!!





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