Dreamings … [梦之旅 …]

and so, he login to livejournal to discover he has ONE friend. period.

guess one is fine. lifejournal’s something complex to use. if only all good blog entries are like blogger, or wordpress. then again, he will prob spend some time to actually do a livejournal entry that actually redirects traffic to this wordpress spot!

all hail mighty wordpress.


and it’s another bo liao day in sch. nothing worth mentioning except for the freezing cold in the new project meeting spot. on one side, we have the cool team.. keeping chill.. and we have team fire.. blazing hot…

team blazing hot construction workers finally gave up and team chill got back the new project meeting spot.


and it’s the usually boring tutorial at 5, where we don’t learn anything decent. other than stuff we already know since from god knows when. still, there were some excited few (they actually refers to the tutors and lecturers…). and of course, 1 of the 2 presentation was actually interesting.

interesting in what sense? =D…. the usual =)


strangely, his visions are getting eerie. and this time, it involved chocolates, bamboo, and some strange girl with really big almond eyes. chocolates asked his highness a question that was directly related to him, and probably indirectly related to bamboo goddess.

his highness answered with great grieve and depression.

and chocolates, also know as the royal protector said. it might very well be not what his highness thinks… and she went on to say bamboo thinks differently… etc etc…

and then, the DAMM hp rang. SMS from the royal advisor.



speaking about dreamins, or rather visions. one of them ran particularly true after it took place like 10-15 odd years ago?

he has finally meet up with the 2 that he had dreamt of 10-15 years back. funny. weird thing was.. at the time, his highness was still a kid. and he dream of the 2 who were FULL growth. and the next thing he knews, he meet them BOTH in this coming semester. now, how strange can it be.

so, will the dream that he dreamt of involving mysterious chocolates, bamboos stay true? or will it come true?

or will the alternative vision of the honest n kind A fulfill?

visions.. they stink

and timing is no longer on his side. already, he’s starting to crumble…


the other night, FOOL has this dream.

BAMBOO was asking this Question. “What do you think L is to you?”

that was a huge question. well, if others were to ask this question, the FOOL would have probably laugh it off. still, the FOOL didn’t like lying to BAMBOO.

and he pondered and pondered. does it mean giving it all? or just always there? sacrificing?

and he answered.

“it’s a blank-o in his life. it’s a bane to his sanity. he does not know L at all.” and he weeped.


in another dream, the FOOL was bickering with BAMBOO. nothing in particular, just the usual. PIZZA wondered why the FOOL and BAMBOO’s always bickering for no much reason.

truly, the FOOL wondered. afterall, CHOCOLATES once said “we never know what’s ones thinking”

and so, all FOOL did was just to laugh. BAMBOO, on the other hand, continued the mercy less onslaught.


and in another dream…

and suddenly, the dreamings came back to haunt.

– was at some party

– saw her

– something happen. he was there for her. and something happen

– something blossom, something he wanted for a long long time. every1 left e party. she walked us all out to some bridge. she said bye to everyone. to him, she said “you ah, better call me”. he smile when the others asked what happen

– on another night, every1 was sitting at some beach. she was dozing off. and didn’t move. all he could remember was holding her corpse? real tight.

and the BLOODY alarm clock rang. when he woke, he was holding his pillow real tight.


a dream tt came true only in the dreams?

some stuff just never get forgetten even when we move on.

had another dream. and it’s a nightmare? rather, it’s sweet. yes, in a way, it’s sweet. now, people who know will know what ‘sweet’ and ‘interesting’ means =)

it was at a party. with random people. party not in a club or pub. but it was a party in this white room. other than that room, there were a few doors. one of them happen to be the laundry room. it’s the type you see in the states.

and it’s those nice little spaces where you always get to see drunk ppl making up within.

well, in the dream, his royal highness wasn’t exactly drunk. he was inside the laundry room with some unknown female. well… possible planning to do the ………… (well.. his highness not a holy saint =X, still such a dream is unforgivable =X)

there was this small window at the laundry room. the someone (who it was) was going to cover the window before any activity happen. someone happen to look into the room at the exactly same moment.

everyone got shocked (everyone = royal highness, the dunno who someone & the ‘looker’ ) the looker was ‘goddess’

damm! a sense of guilt came over. ‘goddess’ was really angry. she shouted something. it’s probaberly highness’ name. highness fled out to apologize.

‘goddess’ was now where to be seen.

and his highness wept.



why did his royal highness dreamt of ‘goddess’? when he see no light =(

but it’s a good fact that ‘goddess’ was really angry. but for that, his highness is pleased.

will his royalness ascend to god-dom with ‘goddness’?

still, ‘goddess’ look as goddess as ever. with her =) =) smile and her =) =) grinz is beautiful even when she’s annoyed.


now, who is goddess? make a guess


okay, first of all, an announcement to make:

aaron’s finally making good on his promise. he’s going to get married. read all about his holy crusade, mission to propose. okay, the word ‘finally’ seems to be a wrong choice of word. but since his highness thinks it makes the sentence neater, the word will stay, with a strikeout.


had the worse nightmare ever some time ago. and it involves real people. freaky. though for now, his royalness can’t seem to remember after a few days. just the fact that is was terrible?

ah… he remembers a bit. it seem to touch on a name, a face. the face was long forgotten. the name has somehow engraved itself in some corner of his heart.

it’s a sighting, a prompt from whatever, and whoever from hades or the land above. it says “forget forget, and move on in life.

his royal highness did. he has move on. already, her soft features have already faded to a point that it was barely just a shadow. still the name remains, lingering around.

at least, he has moved on just a bit. just a tiny weeny bit.

he has meet new people. thought the really interesting ones seem to linger on his favorite letter. small world? perhaps. perhaps it’s a gift? who knows?


life in the work office and interesting. good people they all are. meet up with really interesting people too from beyond the office. and those who knows what ‘interesting’ means… =) well… cheers.


time to move on =)

and oh, there nekos =) but it’s…

Hair of sunlight kissing gain
Eyes of deepest summer skies
Voice of haunting pipes and strings
_____! My heart sings and cries!

Slender as the youngling fawn
Gentle as the nestling dove
Hands like whitest, flying swans
_____! Oh, my secret love!

Face and form like breaking day
Spirit pure and bright and fine
Fate so cruel, my dreams to slay
_____… Who can never be mine!”



well, to ‘link’ up with the opening paragraph,

aaron’s proposed. and she says ‘YES!’
while his royal highness has many proposals to do… =X

all he remembers was the happy moments in the dreams…

already, the memories in the dreams was fading…

still, his royal highness struggles to lock the false memories into his mind. he continues to relive the more vivid moments of the dream…

for it had a happy ending and it seem so real…


dreams are like drugs. humans yield for it. though it would lead them to destruction, still they yield for it.

his highness had a dream. he went to sleep thinking of pleasing things, events and people. he woke up breaking in cold sweat.

the most vital part? it was an sms message from the dreams, that says, “i’m at tampines.”

as he slowly recollect, he remembering having a dream that has something to do with smsing a particular goddess. asking goddess out for something. ah.. he remembers, he was planning to ask if goddess’t be free for the movie ‘spiderman3′

then something funny happened. he couldnt’ remember. and some sms call in with the tampines thing. and he woke up.


and this is one messy post. since his highness haven’t got a clue what made he woke up in cold sweat.. @_x

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